CRA's mission is to provide amateur repeater services throughout the front range of Colorado, with a focus on reliability, complete coverage, and new technology. The efforts of the CRA shall reflect the needs and desires of its subscribers with respect to coverage, bands, and features provided. The CRA shall promote amateur radio, public safety, and new technology in the interests of all amateur radio operators.
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IRLP/Echolink/Autopatch Commands Not Working On 145.160 and 145.460.

Currently, IRLP, Echolink, and Autopatch DTMF commands can only be entered on 147.225.  DTMF digits entered on 145.460 and 145.160 are not being passed to the controllers in Conifer to be executed.  
We are working on a fix for this.

Colorado Springs 145.160/147.225/145.460 Link Fixed!!!

[Update: 3/21/2015] Dave travelled to the CRA's Cheyenne Mountain site to repair the link node hardware.  The hard drive was replaced and the link was restored.

[Update: 3/16/2015] We have confirmed that the link from 145.160 to 147.225 is down.  Parts have been ordered.  We expect the repair to be completed by 3/22.

[3/12/2015] We have reports of the link from 145.160 in Colorado Springs to 147.225 in Denver intermittently not being available.  Troubleshooting is planned for the weekend of 3/14/2015.

145.145 Power Output Low

We have confirmed reports that the power output of 145.145 is much lower than it should be.  We are preparing equipment for a repair trip.

Squaw Mountain Repeater Updates

[Update 10/26/2014, WA1JHK]    On Sunday, Dave WA1JHK, Doug K2AD, Willem AC0KQ and Lexi N0LXI again traveled to the club's Squaw mountain site to finish up the tasks that didn't get done on Saturday.  

145.460 Once Again Linked To 145.160/147.225/224.980!

This morning, Lexi N0LXI and Dave WA1JHK traveled to Lee Hill to install the link hardware to allow 145.460 to once again link to 147.225, 224.980, and 145.160.  The hardware has been under test on Dave's workbench for the last several weeks in preparation for this installation.  Thanks for your patience as we got all this running!

We're interested in hearing of any issues with the link system.  Let us know.  Thanks!

145.160/147.225 Link In Service

[Updated 9/20/2014]  This morning, Lexi N0LXI and Dave WA1JHK traveled to Cheyenne Mountain to put the finishing touches on 145.160.  A configuration change was required that could not be done remotely.  The repeater and link are now operating properly and available for use.  Thanks for your patience!

224.980 Transmitter Not Working

We have  received and confirmed a report that the 224.980 transmitter is not being heard in the Denver area.  A Conifer site trip is planned to investigate this further.


Cheyenne Mountain 145.160 Site Trip, Upgrade of Repeater and Link!

On Sunday 8/31, teams from the CRA, Colorado Connection, and RMHam traveled to the Cheyenne Mtn repeater site to install a coordinated upgrade of the CRA's 145.160 and the Colorado Connection's 145.130 repeaters.  The repeater itself was upgraded a generation from GE Mastr II to GE Mastr 3 repeaters.  In addition, each group's linking hardware was upgraded from the analog links they were using to Allstar digital links over the RMHam Microwave Network.

New Website On-Line!

I suppose it's somewhat obvious since you're reading this that the new CRA website is now the one you will see when you go to  What you're seeing is called a Content Management System, a more efficient way of delivering both stable and changing content to users.  The underlying software driving the site is Drupal.  (For those of you that are curious, you can read more at 

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