CRA's mission is to provide amateur repeater services throughout the front range of Colorado, with a focus on reliability, complete coverage, and new technology. The efforts of the CRA shall reflect the needs and desires of its subscribers with respect to coverage, bands, and features provided. The CRA shall promote amateur radio, public safety, and new technology in the interests of all amateur radio operators.
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Cheyenne Mountain 145.160 Site Trip, Upgrade of Repeater and Link!

On Sunday 8/31, teams from the CRA, Colorado Connection, and RMHam traveled to the Cheyenne Mtn repeater site to install a coordinated upgrade of the CRA's 145.160 and the Colorado Connection's 145.130 repeaters.  The repeater itself was upgraded a generation from GE Mastr II to GE Mastr 3 repeaters.  In addition, each group's linking hardware was upgraded from the analog links they were using to Allstar digital links over the RMHam Microwave Network.

Lee Hill Trip Report -- Link Construction Update

[Update 8/26/2014, WA1JHK] The link hardware has been moved to the workbench for a final configuration change.  It is due to be reinstalled shortly and linked to the network.

Update: Report from the bench

[Update, 6/22/2013, WA1JHK] The Lee Hill end of the new 147.225-to-145.460 digital link has been installed and tested.  Work on the Conifer end is underway.

[Update, 5/27/2013, WA1JHK] Today we crossed the 147.225 noise off the list.

[Update, 2/2/2013, WA1JHK] Today we crossed two more items off the list below.

Link from 145.460 to 147.225 Disabled

[Update:] The link is still down.  Testing on the hardware is continuing and going well.  We don't yet have a scheduled date for installation.

[2/27/2012:] Users have been hearing a weak signal on 147.225/145.160/224.980.  After a little troubleshooting we discovered that the link from 145.460 to the rest of the 147.225 System is not working properly.  We have disabled the link for now.

New Website On-Line!

I suppose it's somewhat obvious since you're reading this that the new CRA website is now the one you will see when you go to  What you're seeing is called a Content Management System, a more efficient way of delivering both stable and changing content to users.  The underlying software driving the site is Drupal.  (For those of you that are curious, you can read more at 

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