Cheyenne Mountain

The Cheyenne Mountain radio site is located on the southwest side of Colorado Springs at an elevation of 9,000 ft. The 145.160 repeater covers from Monument Hill to the north, almost to New Mexico to the south along I-25, and other areas of southeast and south central Colorado.

145.160 -- The 145.160 MHz (input -.600 MHz) W0CRA/R two-meter repeater provides coverage to Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and other areas of southeast and south central Colorado for the CRA VHF Link System. This repeater is linked full time to the 147.225 and 224.980 Westcreek repeaters and the 145.460 Boulder repeater. This link allows travelers along Interstate-25 to maintain contact with users of the CRA VHF Link System in other areas by extending the coverage to the southeast -- switch to this repeater south of mile marker 170 on Interstate-25.

The repeater requires a CTCSS tone of 107.2 Hz for access. The repeater transmits a CTCSS tone of 107.2 Hz for your use in blocking interference to your receiver.

The repeater is comprised of a GE Master III repeater, an S-COM 7330 controller, Wacom duplexer and 9-dB antenna aimed at Pueblo.  The link to the 147.225 System is by Allstar over a ham band microwave digital link.

The repeater was moved to the Cheyenne Mountain radio site on July 6, 1996, from its previous site in northeast Colorado Springs. This move has the advantage of increasing the repeater coverage in southeast and south central Colorado.

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