Conifer Site Move In Progress (147.225, 447.150)

After 35 years, the CRA is moving from its Conifer repeater site.  Our sincere thanks to the Elk Creek Fire District for hosting us all these years while we have provided support to the community during fires, floods, blizzards, severe summer storms and other times of community need. 

We temporarily shut off the Conifer repeaters on Saturday, September 16th and will return them to operation at their new site as soon as possible.  The location of our new site will be announced soon.  The affected repeaters are 147.225, 447.150, 224.980, 53.050, and 1287.900.  The link from 145.460 to 145.160 is unaffected.  The link from 447.150 to the Simla 147.105 is down during this time.

We are planning a shorter outage of the autopatch, IRLP Node 3990 and Echolink Node 347086 (W0CRA-R).  The CRA phone number and voice mail are not affected.

In the meantime, you can find scheduled nets on 145.460.  If you haven't tried 145.460 from its new location on Eldorado Mountain, you will find that it covers Boulder, Denver Metro and other areas to the east very well.  145.460 is again linked to 145.160 in Colorado Springs, so the system works as it did but without 147.225.

Check this web page to be updated on our work.

If you have questions about these changes, please email us at

Thank you all for your continuing support!

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