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		Colorado Repeater Association Swap List
				May 15, 2022
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Upcoming hamfest--
Sunday, August 28, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Denver Radio Club Hamfest, Adams
County Fairgrounds, 9755 Henderson Road, Brighton.  Admission $6,
free admission for children with adult.  Tables $13 in advance, $20
at the door.  VE testing at 10 a.m.  Talk-in on 145.49 or 448.625 MHz
100 Hz.  For more information, go to WØ or contact Cathy, NØCRZ,
PAC-12 Portable Vertical Antenna, has coils wound for various bands,
very small and appropriate for QRP/SOTA field HF operating, free from
me in exchange for your donation to the CRA;

Daniel NØBN
For sale--
Johnson Adventurer 80 to 10 meter tube transmitter, serial number
84545, includes manual, 35 watts out on 7.029, recapped, has Johnson
122 VFO mod, $225;

Johnson Adventurer 80 to 10 meter tube transmitter, unreadable serial
number, includes manual, 25 watts out on 7.029, rough note with some
trace of filtering (i.e., RST = 594), had old recap but wants
another, has Johnson 122 VFO mod, $175;

Johnson Adventurer 80 to 10 meter tube transmitter, no manual, serial
number 084173, no case, oscillates but no RF output, has Johnson 122
VFO mod, $90;

Hammarlund HQ-110c 160 to 6 meter receiver with clock and matching
S-100 speaker, includes manual, has SO-239 antenna connector, does
receive but would enjoy a going-through, $250;

Hammarlund HQ-110c 160 to 6 meter receiver with clock (missing knob)
and matching S-100 speaker, includes manual, does receive but would
enjoy a going-through, $225;

Yaesu FT401b 1975-era 80 to 10 meter tube transceiver, serial number
126412, approximate CW RF outputs into antenna at 80m = 130W, 40m =
450W, 20m = 75W, 15m = 230W, 10m = 350W, works but would enjoy a
recap, $400;

Allied Knight-Kit Star Roamer 1965-era receiver, includes manual,
for parts or restoration, $60;

Allied Knight-Kit Star Roamer 1965-era receiver, no manual, for
parts or restoration, $40;

Allied Knight-Kit Star Roamer 1965-era receiver, no manual, for
parts or restoration, $40;

Hammarlund S200 speaker, for larger HQ-170 style receiver, $100;

Ameco PT-3 160 to 6 meter RF signal preamp with manual and AMPT3RA
second-receive-antenna add-on, $100;

Autek QF-1a active AF filter with manual, features peak, notch,
low pass, variable frequency and selectivity, $75;

B&W FL-10/1500 TVI filter, 1.5 to 30 MHz, 1000W, 52 ohm, $15;

Kenwood AT-230 antenna tuner, $225;

KLM PA10-70b 2-meter amplifier, 13.5VDC, 6 amps, $100;

Radiowavz 160DBZ Double Bazooka coaxial dipole for 160 meters, 246
feet long, $100;

Ringo AR-2 antenna, includes manual, $10;

Ringo ARX-450b antenna, includes manual, $10;

Homemade 2m copper pipe J-pole, no manual, $20;

RC5A-2 rotator control unit, no manual, no case, control unit only,
no rotator, $10;

Heathkit HD-10 Morse code keyer, $20;

Assorted RG213 coaxial cables, various lengths and prices;

Twenty to 40 feet of Rohn 25, including the top section and rotor

Changing health, had bought to restore but now downsizing.  Located
in Franktown, east of Castle Rock.

Woody WØUI 303-660-1616
For sale--
One M2 2 meter HO loop with M2 Mag Kit (mast and mag mount)
accessory, $125;

One pair (2) of 2 meter (144-146 MHz) loop antennas and a matching
phasing harness, can be mounted on a mast pipe or mounted right to
the side of Rohn 25 tower, no tower offset required, email for more
specs, new in box, never installed, $200;

Located in Arvada.

Glenn AEØQ
For sale--
Two VHF Engineering TX432 transmitters and two VHF Engineering
RX432C receivers, circa 1970s, originally intended for a two-way link
between two repeaters, each inside an enclosure and fully wired, can
send pictures and brochure scans, make an offer, please;

A good set of used 2 meter duplexers, 140-150 MHz, any leads

John NØGIO 970-883-2606
For sale--
National NC-173 resurrected older vacuum tube receiver, covers
broadcast band through 6 meters, although not too usable on 6 meters,
fully functional with speaker, no National emblem on the speaker,
make offer but would like to see it go to a good home that
appreciates vintage gear, pick-up only near the south end of Carter
Lake in south Larimer County, no shipping;

Dave WØLEV 970-367-5222 (between 1000 and 1700 local time, or leave
message) also monitor 447.275 Fort Collins repeater
For sale--
Kenwood TS-480SAT, includes cables with ferrites, 500Hz CW filter,
TCXO high stability crystal oscillator, and all manuals, used only at
one indoor location, $500;

Wouxun KG-UV9D+ UHF/VHF HT, includes programming cable, $100;

Elk 2m/440 L5 log periodic antenna with N-connector, includes 10 foot
cable with N-connector on one end and SMA connector on the other,

GE Superadio 3, model 7-2887, high performance AM/FM radio, for AM
band DXing, $50;

Kenwood HS-5 radio communication headphones, 8 ohm impedance, $40;

Hank KEØCU 303-916-9229 SE Aurora
For sale--
Retevis RT-9000D, brand new in the box, was told that I could use
this for 2M/70cm but turns out I can't, $90;

Jeff KFØDUT 901-857-1547
For sale--
Press-die for punching accurate holes in sheet metal, useful for
chassis and ground straps, punches range from 1/16 to 3/8 inches, to
use place the sheet between the plexiglas and the matching steel
plate, align the holes and then set the appropriate punch in the
guide hole and give a whap with a hammer, includes box and sliding
cover, lower quality Harbor Freight press-die is $40;

Two cross-vises, can move a part in x or y directions, not the most
accurate but could be useful to somebody, listed at $25 each at
Harbor Freight;

Located in Lakewood.  Payment by check or cash.  Shipping possible
with extra cost.

Ralph WBØJKV 240-285-3643
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