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		Colorado Repeater Association Swap List
				September 26, 2021
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SDR parts for RXTX boards by KB9YIG;

One hundred feet of 3/4 inch rubber coated aluminum hardline, 75 ohm
CATV delivery line, no fittings;

For sale or trade--
Unused military 40 foot aluminum mast, eight 5 foot lengths of heavy
aluminum that fit together, two triangular guy rings that fit in
between two sections as well as four homemade guy sections, six
anchor stakes and two fiberglass base plates in new carry bag, $300;

Yeasu BH2A Bluetooth headset with charger, $20;

New Bluetooth headset with PTT button for Kenwood and Anytone, $15;

All pick up only or extra for delivery within 100 miles.

For sale--
Motorola VHF Precision Selector Cavity, model TU312H, bought used
then put in storage, some scuffs and scratches, $50;

Cushcraft A4 20-15-10 meter beam, on ground, disassembled, marked for
reassembly, in storage since 2006, $200;

Both items in Colorado Springs.

Jeff KBØYCI 719-650-5090 (text preferred)
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