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		Colorado Repeater Association Swap List
			October 1, 2023
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Upcoming hamfest--
Sunday, October 8, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Boulder Amateur Radio Club
BARCfest, Boulder County Fairgrounds Exhibit Building, just north of
the Hover Road and Nelson Road intersection in Longmont.  Admission
$5, children under 18 free with paid adult.  Hourly door prizes,
grand prize at noon, V.E. testing at 10 a.m., food available from
Mona's Hot Dogs and Brats. Tables $15 in advance, $20 at the door.
Talk-in on the BARC 146.700(-) repeater.  For more information go to, email, or
call Debbie, WB2DVT, at 303-447-3183.
For sale--
Very well kept, retractable tower, about 50 feet total height, 31
feet high at lowest point, manufactured by US Tower Corp., includes
well maintained antenna, pictures available by email, email response,
call or text work great, product information at;

Michael 314-420-7675
Two each Motorola 30”H x 22”W x 19”D enclosed cabinet, 2 sets of
approximately 28” rails, with doors and locks;

Motorola 60”H enclosed cabinet, 2 sets of 51” rails, with doors and

GE MASTR III 37”H enclosed cabinet, with doors and locks;

GE MASTR II 44.5”H x 21.5”W x 15”D enclosed cabinet, with doors and

RCA 65-1/4"H x 22”W x 21”D enclosed cabinet, single set of rails,
“barn” doors, front and rear with locks;

Bud rack cabinet, 31.5”H x 22”W x 17”D, drilled rails on front, door
on back;

Bud rack cabinet, 17.5”H, drilled rails on front, door on back,
handles on sides;

GE Deskmate enclosed cabinet, 30”H x 14”W x 25-3/4”, lockable
left/right sides, no rails;

Two each DDB Unlimited enclosed cabinet, 25-1/4”H x 23”W x 30-1/4”D,
single set of rails near front, front and rear doors with latches,
no lock;

Seven foot 2-post open rack (2 drilled posts with base);

Large 70” enclosed (“data”) cabinet wtih doors and sides;

Large 74-3/4” 4 post (“data”) cabinet with doors, not sure about

Motorola B31LPB-1120C-SP1 low band crystal controlled 1/4 kW base
station with dual receivers on 47.02 MHz, circa 1987, in original
70” Motorola cabinet with tuning and plate meters, with doors and

Motorola CO3RTB-3108 VHF crystal controlled base station/repeater in
30”H x 22”W x 10”D cabinet, 1 set of rails, with doors and locks;

For sale--
Nine each used Rohn 25G straight sections, $50 each;

Used Rohn 25G tapered top section, $50;

Used Rohn 25G tapered top section with thrust bearing, painted, $40;

Used Rohn 25G short straight section, suitable for in-concrete base,

New Rohn BAS25G tower bearing top plate wtih accessory shelf and
thrust bearing, $425;

Barry NØKV 303-842-5635
The following items are available as a lot only.  The items are boxed
and have been stored in a dry, heated basement for 15 years.  Located
near Boulder, west of Betasso Preserve.

Two TCS-14 receivers, both were working, BFO on one not working, have
PU for one;

BC-342, AC mains, was working but one dirty switch;

Two Canadian Marconi CSR-5 ship receivers in cabinets, late WW2, need
external PU 12.6 V and 250 V, general purpose RX up to 30 MHz, never
had them operational but physically OK;

R-388, don't know if this is the Collins version as the tag is gone,
did have sound out of this, has all covers but no cabinet;

WW2 Navy TCE-1 transmitter, nice and clean, has internal PU but it's
800 Hz input;

Drake L-4B linear amplifier, 1 kW CW, AM, RTTY, 2 kW PEP SSB, with PU
and cable;

David 303-443-9418
For sale--
One M2 2 meter HO loop with M2 Mag Kit (mast and mag mount
accessory), located in Arvada, $125;

Glenn AEØQ
For sale--
IC-756 Pro 3 in like new condition, used (rarely) for backup rig,
in original factory carton with power cord and original manual, can
be operated at my QTH in Ken Caryl Littleton, $550 cash and carry;

Vincent NØUA 303-249-8567
For sale--
Kenwood TS-870 DSP HF transceiver with Kenwood PS-50 power supply and
Kenwood SP-940 filtered speaker, package $950;

Collins KWM-2A, winged emblem, refurbished by Dennis Brothers,
Collins Engineer, includes Collins 312B-5 remote VFO, round emblem,
also refurbished by Dennis Brothers, Collins 30L-1 one kW amplifier,
and 516F-2 power supply, prefer not to ship, if you insist buyer
pays shipping, package $2,000;

All prices are firm.

Jim WU7G 307-630-0922
For sale--
Kenwood TM-D710A dual band mobile radio with hand microphone, Green
Light Labs GPS module, RT Systems programming software and cable,
user manual, power cable, Nifty! Mini-Manual, all remote cables and
mounting brackets, $650;

Rohn AS-25 accessory shelf, $50;

Sinclair VHF pass filter, model 2C01GP, currently tuned to 146.820,
a single 6.5 x 26 cavity, $100;

M2 Model 6M-3SS antenna, 6 meter beam, 8.1 dbi (6 db) gain, good to
500W, boom length 66 inches, longest element 123 inches, used in good
working order, no missing hardware, $150;

Hamtronics UHF link modules, TWO R304 receivers and TWO T304
exciters, makes a nice UHF link, manuals included, will not split,
$200 for all four modules;

Greg WB7GR 307-772-1972
For sale--
Yaesu VX3, brand new in the box, just paid $350, make me an offer;

Mark WDØMPG 719-419-4820
For sale--
E. F. Johnson Viking I, untested, for restoration, cursory look under
the lid looked clean, pictures available on request, local pick up
only in Colorado Springs, asking $100;

Wayne WB4OGM 719-574-5319 (call and leave message)
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transfer (very unsafe and used by scammers); or if the buyer
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a "shipper's agent," it is almost definitely a scam.

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