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		Colorado Repeater Association Swap List
			March 29, 2020
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Upcoming HamCon--
August 7-9,  HamCon Colorado 2020, Rocky Mountain Division, CU Denver
South, 10035 S. Peoria St., Parker.  DX University, technical
sessions, organization and manufacturer exhibits, keynote speakers,
door prizes, contests, and more.  Early registration discount
available.  For more information go to
For sale--
Tennadyne T8 LPDA beam, 18 foot boom, military grade, broad banded
for low SWR on all bands and for SWL 10-20 m, excellent DX antenna,
boom fully constructed, elements full size and ready to attach, pick
up only, $425;

Bryon NØAH 303-703-8448
For sale--
Hy-Gain TH-7DX, 7-element tri-band beam, covers 20, 15, and 10 m,

Rotor repair services;

Bill KUØE 303-426-7688
For sale--
LDG M-600 remote antenna tuner meter, big analog meter, back light
out but works fine, $60;

RemoteRig RRC-1258 MkII control units, not wifi, for radios with
removable heads, put radio in one spot, take the head and operate
anywhere through network, new for $469, $200;

HamClock on Raspberry Pi and 7 inch Pi screen, shows satellites,
times, VOA links, propagation numbers, etc., $150;

Thirty-nine-inch original InLogis magnetic loop, no amp, $75;

Rex WDØAJG contact info good on QRZ
For sale--
Flex-1000 QRP, like new, not for the faint at heart, requires a Win7
machine with parallel port, 24 bit sound card included, $150;

Dave KX3DX email good on QRZ
One 1650 kc IF can, I understand that Heathkit used these in the
HR-10 and others, other manufacturers okay;

Tom WØEAJ 720-839-8014
For sale--
Cushcraft 80/40V vertical, used and in good condition, disassembled,
super easy to get on lowbands from most any backyard, full power
capable, 15 to 30 kHz bandwidth with good radial field, excellent
performance on 40 and 80 meters, $369 at Gigaparts, asking $125 or
best offer;

Cushcraft 160M vertical, only 36 feet tall, full power capable,
lightweight and excellent performer, 15 kHz bandwidth with decent
radial field, includes Amidon UnUn to make an easy match at
feedpoint, retails for over $360, asking $175 or best offer;

Dentron MT-2000A full power manual tuner, 10 to 160 m, excellent for
low band use, $95 firm;

Tennadyne T-8 LPDA 10-20M beam on 18 foot boom, professionally
removed from tower, boom completely assembled and elements are
straight and detached, includes SlippNott mount, longest element 38
feet, turning radius 20.9 feet, wind load 8.0 sq. feet, great for
DX and SWL on all bands between 13 and 32 MHz, withstands the most
severe weather due to strong boom and very flexible elements,
antenna put in service in 2010, pick up only, truck suggested, mount
and antenna retail for over $1,000, asking $475;

Pick up at my home in Littleton. Cash only. All sales final in as-is

Paul NØAH 303-703-8448
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