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		Colorado Repeater Association Swap List
                             November 18, 2018
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Upcoming swapfest--
Saturday, January 19, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., Northern Colorado Amateur
Radio Club Winter 2019 Hamfest, Larimer County Fairgrounds, Thomas
McKee 4H Building, 5280 Arena Circle, Loveland.  Admission $6, tables
$12 to $16 in advance, drawings, door prizes, exhibits, forums,
demonstrations, VE testing at 9:30 a.m.  Talk-in on 448.025 (-) 100
Hz.  For more information see or contact Joe, KDØTYU,
For sale--
Antique "Federal Telephone and Telegraph Type 102" receiver, uses
B-Batteries (not included), $150;

Heathkit HW-22 40-meter single-bander SSB transceiver, no power
supply, $50;

Heathkit HW-32 20-meter single-bander SSB transceiver, no power
supply, $50;

Hammarlund S-100 speaker, looks good with HQ-110, HQ-100 type
receiver, $50;

AEA Morse-Machine electronic key, $50;

B&W antenna switch, $15;

Matchmaster SWR meter, this is the large all-metal box-style unit,

KDK UHF 70cm monoband mobile rig, $30;

Radio Shack Realistic "Single Hander" CB from the 1970s, $20;

AM-FM-CD radio from an F350 series pickup truck, $30;

All sold untested, where-is, as-is, no refunds.  Located in

Woody WØUI 303-660-1616                        11-11-18
For sale--
Cobra 2000 GTL radio, with adjustable echo module and Silver Eagle
desk mic, make offer;

Solarcon IMAX-2000 base antenna, make offer;

Doug KEØSZD                              11-4-18
For sale--
Icom ICR7000, UHF-VHF all mode receiver, $650;

Yaesu FT726R with UHF/VHF, 6m, 10m/12m modules installed, very good
condition, $650;

Tom W2CO 303-651-0367 (email preferred)     10-28-18
For sale--
MFJ Versa Tuner II;

MFJ 16010 Antenna Tuner;

Yaesu FT-840; 

MFJ 2-meter FM analyzer;

Steven N5GRY 970-691-7628                                    9-30-18
Estate sale--
Versa Tuner III MFJ-962, $150;

Bencher paddle, $75;

Alinco DJ-57 dual band HT with speaker mic and charger, $85;

Vertex Standard VX-451-G7 UHF HT with mic and charger, programmed in
wideband FM with metro area repeaters, make offer;

MFJ-486 GrandMaster II keyer, make offer;

Two MFJ-1274 TNC2s, make offer;

MFJ-1274 TNC2 HF/VHF, make offer;

Burst Electronics SG-4 Burst Generator, make offer;

Heathkit PS-1175 15 amp power supply, make offer;

Heathkit HD-15 hybrid phone patch, make offer;

Icom IC M1V maritime VHF HT, make offer;

Shure M67 mic mixer, make offer;

Pyramid PS-12 power supply, make offer;

From the estate of Dave Radomski, KT0H.  All proceeds go to the
family.  Items were operational when taken out of service and are
being sold by the Aurora Repeater Association.  All prices

Wayne NØPOH 303-699-6335                      9-30-18
For sale--
Ameritron Model 500M solid state power amp, 12VDC, $575;

MFJ AT-1000PRO automatic antenna tuner, 1 kW, 6 to 160 meters, $300;

Astron RS-70M 12 VDC 70 amp power supply, $225;

MFJ-974 Balanced Line antenna tuner, $135;

MFJ AT-100PRO automatic antenna tuner, 100 watt, 6 to 160 meters,

GHD 2-lever keying paddle from Morse Express, $35;

Brass two-lever keying paddle, unknown make, from Morse Express, $35;

Heavy duty 3-magnet HF mobile antenna mount, similar to Tram 269,

Instek Model OS-622G 20 MHz oscilloscope with probes, $25;

Instek Model GDM-8034 Digital Multimeter with probes, $25;

Goldstar Model FG-8002 Function Generator, $10;

Touchpaddles Model PIK miniature electrostatic touch paddle, no
moving parts, $5;

Jackson Harbor Press Model CPO II code practice oscillator, $5;

EverOn 12VDC 7.5 AHr AGM battery, you test, free;

All items pick up only in Parker.

Matt WØNAC 303-799-3658                                      9-23-18
For sale--
MFJ939-I, can be configured for Kenwood, Yaesu, or any other popular
radio, $135;

Mosley TA33 Senior tri-band beam, $275;

Hygain TH7-DXX MK2, $325;

Accepting antenna rotors for repair;

Offering tower setup and take-down;

Bill KUØE 303-426-7688                      9-16-18
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