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             Colorado Repeater Association Swap List
                           June 9, 2019
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For sale--
Yaesu FT-736R VHF/UHF all mode transceiver, 25 watts, 50/430 MHz, in
very good condition, includes MH-1 hand mic, DC power connector and
110 V connector, asking $300 or make offer;

Heathkit HR-10 receiver, DX-60 transmitter, HG-10 VFO, all in good
cosmetic condition, need some work to get them operating, make
reasonable offer for all;
Kenwood TH-78A FM dualband hand held transceiver, 144 MHz/430 MHz, in
good condition, needs battery, make offer;

Advanced Electronic Applications PK232MBX data controller with
packet communicator Plus 3, cables, and operating manual, $50;

Diamond SX-400 SWR/power meter, 140-525 MHz, 200 watt, $40;

MFJ-836H RF ammeter/SWR/wattmeter, $65;

SignaLink USB sound cards, two each, one with a 5-pin cable and one
with a 13-pin cable, make offer; 

Don KØFX 303-594-0002                         6-2-19
Wanted/for trade--
RG-8x coax wanted, have about 200 feet of RG-8/213 coax cable to
exchange for about the equal footage of RG-8x, cable in about 6 to 7
pieces, either with UHF, N, or no connectors;

About 40 feet of mast wanted, military surplus okay;

No-radial vertical HF antenna wanted, have a used Hustler 4BTV HF
vertical antenna for trade;

Items above are for the Colorado Springs American Legion Post 209
amateur radio club.  The club is just getting organized and is
trying to put together a shack.  It has no funds at this time for

For sale--
TS-590S 160-10m transceiver with voice storage;

FT-1500 2m transceiver;

ALS-500M amplifier with 10 meters;

MFJ-986 HF antenna tuner;

RJ-1 Bencher straight key;

Ensemble II SDR receiver;

1000 watt dummy load, 2 each;

Alinco DJ-175 2m HT;

MFJ-564 Iambic key;


Make an offer!  Will do package deals.  About 25 additional items.
Email for complete listing.

Jim WØEM 719-641-8477                     6-2-19
For sale--
Hy-Gain TH7DXX, triband beam antenna, covers 20m, 15m 10m, $325;

RigExpert AA-35 with soft case, $225;

Mosley TA33 Senior triband beam, covers 20m, 15m, 10m, $275;

Rohn 25 40-foot tower with mast and rotor mounting plate, $425;

MFJ-993B auto tuner, $185;

MFJ-939 auto tuner, $130;

Bill KUØE 303-426-7688                      5-19-19
For sale--
HP 3586B HF selective level meter, an HF receiver covering 50 Hz to
32 MHz capable of reading out signal level and frequency, often used
as an LF and VLF receiver with excellent sensitivity and variable
bandwidth from 20 Hz to 3100 Hz, has the optional high stability
reference oscillator, located in Cheyenne, $300 or best offer, trade;

Aarne WY7ATH                              5-5-19
For sale--
RT Systems ADMS-M3100 programming software and USB-29F for the Yaesu
FTM-3100, kit install method, CD included with package, $25;

Doug WDØUGC 719-464-9232                 5-5-19
For sale--
MFJ-989C tuner, $100;

Kenwood TH-G71A dual band HT with drop-in charger and extra battery,
$125 negotiable;

Tom WØGLG 720-510-2058                                       4-28-19
For sale--
Ten Tec Corsair II HF transceiver, professionally restored,
electrolytic capacitors replaced, IF/RF unit improved with upgraded
op amp stages, refurbished crystal filter unit, refurbished pass band
tuning unit, complete receiver and transmitter alignments performed,
power out greater than 120 watts, upgraded main power input to
eliminate high amperage load on front panel power switch, many other
performance upgrades, all optional filters installed, comes with
original manual and DC power cable, $575;

Mike WH6MS 719-265-9748                     4-21-19
For sale--
Mirage B-108 VHF amplifier, 10 watts in, 80 watts out with pre-amp,
remote control head, and cable, very good condition, $60;

Two Audiovox GMRS/FRS HT's with drop in charger, $20;

Richard WBØEVA 303-790-1987                                  4-21-19
Estate sale--
Astron RS-4 power supply;

Yaesu FR-101 receiver;

Yaesu FL-101 transmitter;

Yaesu 2100B amplifier;

Yaesu Landliner phonepatch;

Tempo 2020 SSB transceiver;

Kenwood TS-820 transceiver;

MFJ Model 941E Versa Tuner;

Heathkit HD-1410 keyer;

From the estate of Richard Pierce, KBØPUY.  Items being sold by RM
Ham Radio and ARA for the family.  Please make reasonable offers.
Shack was operational.

Wayne NØPOH 303-699-6335                      4-7-19
***Beware if a buyer requests funds be sent via Western Union or wire
transfer (very unsafe and used by scammers); or if the buyer
offers to send you a cashier's check or payment greater than the
price of your item (another common scam); or if the buyer mentions
a "shipper's agent," it is almost definitely a scam.

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