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		Colorado Repeater Association Swap List
				August 9, 2020
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For sale--
Icom IC-2730A Dual Band Mobile, 50 Watts RF output on both VHF and
UHF V/V, U/U and V/U (dual display), even does cross-band repeat,
essentially brand new, purchased two weeks before deciding to switch
to a D-STAR unit, $230;

Can discuss delivery/shipping. Please contact me if interested.

Dennis NØABC 719-231-1002
For sale--
G5RV antenna, purchased and installed in May, made by Amateur Radio
Supplies, well made, didn't work for my yard size and configuration,
looking for a good home, $75;

Richard WBØEVA 720-989-7375
Two meter linear 1 kW homebrew amplifier built by SK neighbor some
years ago, worked fine last time he used it, some documentation on
it, mounted in a six foot relay rack with coasters, finals either a
pair of 4CX300As or 4X250Bs, built-in power supply for 220VAC, a good
source of hard to find parts if you're a homebrewer, pictures
available by email, XYL wants it to be gone as soon as possible, pick
up only in Howard just outside Salida;

Triband beam with rotator and controller plus a 30 foot tower from SK,
5 elements, two traps on driven element, two traps on director, one
set of traps on reflector, extra elements between director, reflector,
and driven elements, not sure of the make and model, possibly for
20/15/10 meters, pictures available by email, XYL would like to have
antenna and tower removed as soon as possible, for pick up only in
Howard just outside Salida;

Richard K6KSG 719-942-3515
For sale--
Cleaning out my shack and need to part with:
Large assortment of tubes, including an 813, as well as multiple
6AU5GT, 6SJ7, 12A6, 6JM6, 6550 and 6146;

Analog meter movements, 3 Amps RF, 250 mA DC and 1 mA DC;

Knight 400 tube checker, not working;

Kelvin Electronics 50 Watt 80 and 40 meter CW transmitter;

Local pick up only.  Please contact me if interested.

Dave NØIPQ 719-237-7121
For sale--
Total Mast Solutions 49-foot telescoping pneumatic mast in excellent
condition, with drive-on mounting bracket Model CM58-11, ideal for
Field Day and other temporary installations but rugged enough for
extended use, will handle a small to medium-sized beam antenna, fast
deployment with included hand pump and can easily be connected to a
small air compressor, can leave it up for a week or longer without
needing to add air using the locking collars, purchased from TMS in
late 2016, will fit in the bed of a standard pickup truck or in a
large SUV, heavy for a one-man lift but easily movable with a dolly,
very easy to manage with two people, photos available on request, web

David KGØEW 303-319-9848
For sale--
TH6DXX antenna with stainless steel hardware and balun, pick up only,
located in Golden, $125;

Mark WØPXM 303-278-3908
For sale--
Two VHF dash mount Motorola Spectra radios, one hand mic, one desk
mic, $30 each;

Michael KDØAJT 720-429-1531
For sale--
Rotor repair;

Hy-Gain HAM rotors;

Hy-Gain TH-7DX, 7-element tri-band beam, covers 20, 15, and 10 m,

Leader LBO-310 oscilloscope, $135;

Bill KUØE 303-426-7688
For sale--
Astron RS-35A regulated power supply (non switching), brand new in
the box, pick up in Denver, Boulder, or Springs, $160;

Butternut HF2V vertical for 80/40 meters, $185;

For sale--
MicroKeyer II, with Icom MK-IC-8 cables and bonus keypad to play back
RTTY/CW/SSB messages with the push of a button, a powerful all-in-one
single radio multi-mode USB interface and sound card for CW, SSB, AM,
FM, and digital modes, can interface with any Windows-based logging
or control program, getting out of the hobby after 60+ years, was one
of the best devices ever purchased to further enjoyment of this
amazing hobby, $275 shipped;

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transfer (very unsafe and used by scammers); or if the buyer
offers to send you a cashier's check or payment greater than the
price of your item (another common scam); or if the buyer mentions
a "shipper's agent," it is almost definitely a scam.

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