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		Colorado Repeater Association Swap List
				June 6, 2021
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For trade--
Collins CW filter for an FT817 for a Collins SSB filter for an FT817,
located in Larkspur;

Dave KX3DX email good on QRZ
For sale--
Rohn 40 foot self-supporting tower, BX series (BX1-5 sections with
assembly bolts), disassembled on ground and ready to move, $400 or
best offer;

Rohn 50 foot telescoping mast, on ground and ready to move, $60 or
best offer;

Cushcraft A13B2 Monoband Yagi for 2 meters, 13 elements, 15.8 dBi,
on ground in three sections, $125 or best offer;

Cushcraft Ringo Ranger II ARX2B 2m vertical antenna, 7 dBi, $30 or
best offer;

Bones of 2-element 5-band (10, 12, 15, 17, 20m) Cubex MK II series,
have boom, spider, mast coupler, and most of the fiberglass spreader
arms (believe one must be replaced, available from Cubex), would be
a good starting point for ham wanting to build their own or could be
reconstructed with parts from Cubex, make offer;

Telescoping mast of unknown type, about 20 feet high, having trouble
extending by myself due to it binding;

Everything located in Fountain.

Dave WØDS 719-338-5912 (OK to leave VM or text)
For sale--
Little Tarheel HP screwdriver antenna, 500 watts PEP, includes LTMT-1
mount, two different whips, long and short, ground radial plate with
wire radials kit, also includes MFJ 1927i screwdriver controller for
Icom which could be used as standalone unit if not hooked to Icom,
asking $500 for all, reasonable offer considered, located in

Jack KØJAX 720-933-1884
For sale--
Icom IC 756 Pro 160, 6 meter HF transceiver, 100W out, includes all
WARC bands except 60 meters, has a general coverage receiver 300 kHz
to 60 MHz, excellent condition, very clean, one owner, little used,
with original manual, a great all band rig and works very well on FT8
including on 6 meters, call for a link to the online manual, priced
below market at $750, will deliver along the Front Range or ship for
extra cost;

Jim WDØE 303-840-1907
For sale--
Rohn 25, 10 to 12 sections and some top sections, located in

David AAØRS 970-371-0356
For sale--
Motorola Communications Service Monitor and Spectrum Analyzer, model
2410A, rugged and portable, equipped with AM/FM generator, SINAD
metering, distortion meter, FR power measurement, spectrum analyzer,
and more, includes purpose built steel case, AC power cord and corded
PTT microphone, reasonable offers accepted;

Jan Alan WYØJ 303-507-0725
For sale--
Regency HR-2, 10 watt 2 meter transceiver, 12 volt operation,
designed for mobile use, includes mount, $25;

John WBØCUC 720-219-9304
For sale--
Heathkit DX-60B, almost museum quality, face 9.75/10, case 9.50/10,
prefer to demo on the bench, fully operational, $175, shipping, not
desired, $50;

Kenwood TS-50 with AT-50 antenna tuner, HF transceiver, 100 watts,
$500, shipping $50;

MFJ 991 automatic antenna tuner, new in box, can handle up to 300
watts at lower impendences, $165;

Yaesu FT-530 dual band transceiver, ten cell double A battery, works
fine, $85, shipping $25;

FE-5680A rubidium frequency standard, 10 MHz output, accuracy
better than one part in 10 to the 10th, $110, shipping $20;

Parting out NCL-2000 damaged in shipping, plate meter frame
damaged, all other parts available, serial #71-3734, make offer
for parts or entire amplifier;

Two 8122 tubes from damaged working NCL-2000, $100, shipping $30;

Regency HR-2B, new, $75, shipping $25;

Many M2 VHF and UHF antennas, new in box, 60% of retail, contact me
for availability;

Offers considered on most items except DX60B.  Items I can lift can
be picked up at Centennial Airport.

Bob WØKIZ unblocked calls at 303-909-3241
For sale--
TYT MD-UV380 dual band portable DMR radio, non GPS, includes charger
and programming cable, $75;

David WAØDS 720-560-5315
A good 40 meter monoband (single band) beam antenna, all leads

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