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               Colorado Repeater Association Swap List
                           December 10, 2017
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Upcoming swapfest--
Saturday, January 20, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., Northern Colorado Amateur
Radio Club Winter 2018 Hamfest, Larimer County Fairgrounds, Thomas
McKee 4H Building, 5280 Arena Circle, Loveland.  Admission $6, tables
$12 in advance, drawings and door prizes, exhibits and
demonstrations, VE testing at 9:30 a.m.  Talk-in on 448.025 (-) 100
Hz.  For more information see or contact Joe Hawley,
KD0TYU, 970-689-0828,
For sale--
Icom 7700, HF and 6m, 200 watts, $3,250;

Alpha 87a amplifier, full legal limit, S/N 8700111224, $3,250;

Yaesu FT1500M 2m rig, 50 watts, $100;

HexBeam antenna, 20 to 6 meters, one fiberglass spreader needs
repair, $450;

Vertical antenna, 43 feet tall, best used with an antenna tuner,

Yaesu G-1000 heavy duty rotator, $275;

Antenna switch in protected box, remote switchable, handles six
antennas, $100;

MicroHam MKII Keyer, $225;

Joe WD0M 970-731-4237                           12-10-17
For sale--
Yaesu FT DX 3000, $900;

Icom IC-7100, $500;

Kenwood TS-480, $450;

Art K0BAT 303-340-2657                 12-10-17
For sale--
Icom IC-7300 in the box, $800;

Yaesu FT-70DR in the box, $100;

A Christmas special: December 13-15 (Wed.-Fri.) only!

Rich N0FAK 303-564-7424 (email preferred) 12-3-17
For sale--
Realistic DX-300 general coverage communications receiver, 10 to 
30,000 kHz, digital LED readout, AM/LSB/USB/CW, 6 kHz selectivity,
triple conversion, 14.2 by 6.5 by 9.25 inches, 14 pounds, features
quarter inch headphone jack, S-Meter, mute line, ANL, dial lamp with
switch, standby, fine tuning, audio filter, antenna trimmer, AGC, RF
gain preselector, attenuator, key input jack, can hold eight "C"
cells for portable operation, $200;

Ira K4WOU 303-353-2333                                       12-3-17
For sale--
Hy-Gain Ham IV rotator, good condition, located in Conifer, $200;

Tom W0GLG 303-838-4391                12-3-17
For sale--
Harris UHF mobile duplexer, previously used for UHF packet and tuned
to 441.000 and 446.775 MHz to run nodes on single antenna, can be
re-tuned for other uses such as a repeater, asking $100;

For donation--
Two GE UHF MVP mobiles, approximately 35 watts, one crystalled for
441.000 MHz and the other 446.775 MHz, previously used in data packet
nodes, with manual;

LDG AT-600proII tuner in good condition;

Rex WD0AJG                                  11-12-17
For sale--
Three Dentron MLA 2500 amplifiers, 160 through 10 meters, 2.5+ kW
PEP, $400 each;

Collins KWM-2A transceiver with PM-2 power supply, excellent
condition, $950 and I ship;

MFJ 988C roller inductor 3 kW antenna tuner, $150;

Yaesu FT-897D transceiver, HF, 6 m, 2 m, and 450 MHz, $500 or best

Icom IC-8000 VHF transceiver, $125;

Jim WU7G 307-630-0922                       11-12-17
Antique wooden enclosure with toggle switch, crank dial, and other
controls, chassis inside, foot and a half long, appears radio
related but unknown what it was used for, free to a tinkerer;

Terry N0PQV 303-423-9320                       11-12-17
For sale--
Icom IC-T7A dual band handheld with two BP-180XH 7.2 volt 1450 mAh
batteries, BC-110A battery charger, factory antenna, aftermarket
antenna, HM-46 speaker mic, DC power cable, operating guide and user
manual, great starter radio, from non-smoking home, all for $150;

Richard WB0EVA 303-790-1987                                  11-5-17
Information wanted--
Several years ago I talked to a ham who either personally has or has
a family member who has a cabin at or near Lininger Lake or Kenosha
Pass, and think the ham lived or lives in Broomfield or somewhere
north of Denver, anyone with contact information for that ham please
let me know;

Daniel N0BN or             10-29-17
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