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             Colorado Repeater Association Swap List
                           August 18, 2019
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For sale--
Ameritron AL-811, 600 Watt HF Linear Amplifier, fully operational,
case has minor scratches and wear, 572B tubes, original manual, one
owner, non-smoking household, $425;

Dave WØDS (in Colorado Springs) 719-338-5912, leave voicemail if
I can't answer, text ok too,           8-18-19
For sale--
Thirty foot tower and antennas, including house, MA5B 20, 17, 15, 12,
10 m beam antenna, Hy-Gain CD-45II rotor and control box, Arrow
146/440 dual band J-pole, 5200 watt solar electric system with net
metering, 80 gallon solar hot water system, 6 kW backup generator to
run the house, big backyard with six raised bed gardens, pictures
available on request;

Ira K4WOU 303-353-2333                                       8-11-19
For sale or trade--
Knightkit KG-220 30-50 MHz FM [tunable] monitor receiver, recapped,
with all good tubes, used to listen to the 29.62 MHz Boston 10 m
repeater on this, with manual, $68 or best offer;

MFJ-912 4:1 balun-in-a-box, PL-259 coax input and ceramic terminals
450 ohm window line output, brand new, never used, $75 new, $55;

Hewlett-Packard HP-606A Signal Generator (in the cabinet), very nice,
with all good tubes (checked with Navy TV-7A/U), generator does work
and is accurate but can’t get full output, with full manual, $55;

Tom WØEAJ 720-839-8014              8-11-19
Wanted/for trade--
RG-8x coax wanted, have about 200 feet of RG-8/213 coax cable to
exchange for about the equal footage of RG-8x, cable in about 6 to 7
pieces, either with UHF, N, or no connectors;

About 40 feet of mast wanted, military surplus okay;

No-radial vertical HF antenna wanted, have a used Hustler 4BTV HF
vertical antenna for trade;

Items above are for the Colorado Springs American Legion Post 209
amateur radio club.  The club is just getting organized and is
trying to put together a shack.  It has no funds at this time for

Jim WØEM 719-641-8477                     8-11-19
For sale--
Icom 756 Pro II transceiver, very good condition, original owner,
non-smoker, with hand mic, cables, original manual and a 12 VDC, 23
amp DC power supply. $700 for both;
George WAØKBT 303-840-2797             8-4-19
For sale--
Yeasu FT-991A transceiver, like new, with box, original owner, about
50 total hours of usage, great all band transceiver, just don't use
the VHF/UHF bands in my home shack enough to justify keeping it
around, $950;

Chameleon F Loop Plus 2.0 with Bogen Tripod, antenna excellent
condition, tripod very good condition, antenna comes with all
accessories, tripod is Bogen 3051 with 3047 head, sturdy as a rock,
weighs about 15 lbs., $600;

Hardened Power Systems Cadet MK1 Portable Power Station, like new
with portable solar panel, ran the 991A in my back yard once with
this battery, haven't used it since, $420;

Ventenna VT-27 2 m and 70 cm Stealth Antenna, $120;

Signalink USB with 6 pin mini-DIN, $90;

DPD Productions Indoor Airband Antenna, $70;

Astron RS-5A power supply, $50;

MFJ-4230MVP power supply, $50;

WSM-225 Airband Magnetic Whip, $25;

Airband Pass Filter, $20;

Offers accepted. Prefer cash in person. Prefer to meet in East
Aurora, Lone Tree, or HRO vicinity.

Thomas AEØCV                        7-28-19
For sale--
Yaesu FT-101EE, asking $300;

Realistic Navaho TRC30A, all crystal, all channels;

Couple of desk mics, and desktop SWR meter;

Everything was working when removed in the 1980's.  Trying to sell
for a friend.

Frederick W9RIK                              7-21-19
For sale--
Yaesu FT-857D HF plus 50, 144, and 430 MHz multimode mobile
transceiver with separation cable kit, includes YF-122S 2.3 kHz
bandwidth Collins 455 kHZ IF SSB filter and MH-59A8J remote control
DTMF mic, great condition, ready to go, asking $650;

SGC-239 Automatic SmarTuner, 1.8 through 30 MHz, 200 watts PEP, good
condition, asking $150;

Willis WA5VRL 970-266-9532             7-14-19
For sale--
Yaesu FT-950 HF rig with desk mic, excellent condition, $550;

David WAØDS 720-560-5315                   7-7-19
For sale--
Icom HM-12 dynamic microphone, unused but cord has a couple of spots
where it brushed against a not-dry oil painting, located in
Littleton, $50.

Mike WA5ZTE                             6-30-19
For sale--
Drake TR-7, desk mic, hand mic, PS-7 power supply, MN-2700 tuner,
Operator and Service manuals, make offer;

Alinco dual band DJ-V57 with EDC-146 AC battery wall charger and
Pryme speaker mic, $50 or best offer;

Five foot buriable section Rohn 55 tower;

M^2 222-7WL Yagi, 23 elements on 32 foot boom, in sections on the
ground, longest section 6 feet, all hardware included, $200 or best
Wayne NØPOH 303-699-6335                      6-16-19
Help with checking out my Heathkit SB-200 to ensure everything is
okay with it before putting it on the air, never powered up since its
purchase at a swapfest, also want to wire it for 220 VAC, once knew
of an amateur in the Black Forest area who works on linears but don't
have his contact information anymore, located by Federal Center,
willing to travel from Ft. Collins to Pueblo;

Ralph WBØJKV                              6-16-19
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