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		Colorado Repeater Association Swap List
				August 7, 2022
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Upcoming hamfest--
Sunday, August 28, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Denver Radio Club Hamfest, Adams
County Fairgrounds, 9755 Henderson Road, Brighton.  Admission $6,
free admission for children with adult. Tables $13 in advance, $20
at the door. VE testing at 10 a.m. Talk-in on 145.49 or 448.625 MHz
100 Hz. For more information, go to WØ or contact Cathy,
Upcoming hamfest --
Sunday, October 2, 8:00 a.m., BARCfest, Boulder Amateur Radio Club's
Amateur Radio Hamfest, Boulder County Fairgrounds Exhibit Building,
9595 Nelson Road, Longmont, just north of Hover Road and Nelson Road
intersection. Traditional BARC Junior corner. V.E. testing at
10 a.m., hourly door prizes with grand prize at noon. Tables $15
pre-paid, $20 at the door. Admission $5, children 12 and under free
with paid adult. For information and the table reservation form, go
to the BARC website at or contact Debbie WB2DVT at or 303-447-3183.
Upcoming event--
Saturday, October 8, ARRL Rocky Mountain Division Convention, The
Event Center at Archer, 3921 Archer Parkway, Cheyenne, Wyo., south at
Exit 370 off I-80. Doors open 8 a.m. Admission $12 early bird, swap
meet table $12, banquet BBQ dinner $20. Forums, V.E. testing, W7Y
special event station and more. Pre-convention Amateur Radio
Satellite Seminar $30 on Fri. Oct. 7th. For more information see
For sale--
Ameritron ALS-1300 No Tune FET 1200W amplifier, just back from
Ameritron, $1,800;

MFJ-962D Versa Tuner III, 1.5kW, 1.8 to 30MHz, $200;

MFJ-998 Auto Tuner, 1.5kW, 1.8 to 30 MHz, $400;

MFJ-2990 1.8 to 54 MHz 43-foot-tall vertical antenna, requires
antenna tuner, may need a few new hose clamps, $170;

Hy-Gain Ham IV rotator, control box, and cable, $350;

Uniden HR2510 10 meter mobile, $50;

Kris "Big Boomer Power Pump" amplifier, 25 to 35 MHz, 300W SSB,
125W AM, 200W FM and CW, $50;

Kenwood HS-5 headphones, has 1/4 inch monophone plug, 8 ohms, $40;

Connect Systems Inc. Model CS-800, Single User Duplex Phone Patch and
Repeater Controller, $50;

Hy-Gain AV-18HT "Hy-Tower" vertical, 10 to 80 meters, aluminum base
"legs" sawed off for removal, otherwise complete, $450;

Three element HF beam, seems to be a mixed match of elements from A3S
and/or A3SW, $100;

Rohn 25 tower sections:
Five straight sections, $65 each;
Two top sections, $65 each;
One base section, approximately 5 feet, $50.;

Located in Burns, Wyo.
Greg WB7GR 307-772-1972
Low power UHF HT amplifier, 2 to 5 watts in, 35 to 45 watts out, any
leads appreciated;

John NØGIO 970 749-2407
For sale--
Johnson Adventurer transmitter, works, with manual, $125;

Hammarlund HQ-110c receiver with matching S-100 speaker, works, with
manual, $145;

Ameco PT-3 preamp, $35;

Autek QF-1a audio filter, $45;

Heathkit HD-10 Morse code keyer, $30;

Icom GC-5 world clock, $45;

Located in Franktown.

Woody WØUI 303-660-1616
For sale--
One M2 2 meter HO loop with M2 Mag Kit (mast and mag mount)
accessory, $125;

One pair (2) of 2 meter (144-146 MHz) loop antennas and a matching
phasing harness, can be mounted on a mast pipe or mounted right to
the side of Rohn 25 tower, no tower offset required, email for more
specs, new in box, never installed, $200;

Located in Arvada.

Glenn AEØQ
For sale--
Bearcat Trunk Tracker V scanner, model BCD536HP, $300;

MFJ-2990 1.8 to 54 MHz 43 foot tall vertical antenna, requires
antenna tuner, may need a few new hose clamps, $250;

MFJ-1740 four position coax switch, UHF connectors, $75;

MFJ-962D Versa Tuner III, 1.5 kW, 1.8 to 30 MHz, $220;

MFJ-998 Auto Tuner, 1.5 kW, 1.8 to 30 MHz, $500;

Two Hy-Gain Ham IV rotators, control boxes, and cables, one an older
model with screw terminals at the rotator and control box, the other
a bit newer with a cannon type plug at the rotator and a cinch-jones
plug at the control box, $350 each;

Icom AT-180 Auto Antenna Tuner for IC-706, IC-7000 and others, $175;

Uniden HR2510 10 meter mobile, $100;

Kris "Big Boomer Power Pump" amplifier, 25 to 35 MHz, 300W SSB,
125W AM, 200W FM and CW, $100;

Kenwood HS-5 Headphones, 1/4 inch mono phone plug, 8 ohms, $40;

AEA PK-232MBX Universal data controller with PC-PAKRATT II software,

Connect Systems Inc. single user duplex phone patch and repeater
controller, model CS-800, $50;

Rohn 25 tower sections, six straight sections at $65 each, two top
sections at $65 each,  two base sections, approximately 5 feet at
$50 each, two guy brackets at $50 each, and two rotor plates at
$40 each;

Hy-Gain AV-18HT "Hy-Tower" vertical, 10 to 80 meters, aluminum
base "legs" sawed off for removal, otherwise complete, $450;

Ameritron ALS-1300 No Tune FET 1200 W amplifier, possible two bad
MRF150 FETS, repair by Ameritron estimated at $500 plus shipping
each way, offers considered;

Three element HF beamm, seems a mixed match of elements from A3S
and/or A3SW, $100 or make offer;

Yaesu NC-29 Quick Charger, for Yaesu FNB series battery packs;

Radio Shack TRC-117PS, 12 VDC 1 A power supply;

Located in Burns, Wyoming.

Greg WB7GR 307-772-1972
For sale--
KLM 10M6 monoband yagi antenna, get yourself ready for the new solar
maximum, 28 foot boom, 6 square feet wind load, approximately 30
pounds, some new mounting screws which can be purchased from for less than $20 are all that are needed for the
elements, have two of these antennas on my tower and they work great,
this one surplus to my needs, requires 4:1 balun which can be easily
constructed from 50 ohm coax as per the manual, new 10m yagis of this
size currently sell for over $1000, asking $250;

Two Hy-Gain 204BA 20 meter 4 element yagis, one with a heavy duty
reinforced boom, some hardware is rusty and may need replacement,
shiny brand new versions of this antenna sell for $819 plus shipping
from MFJ, see for full description, asking $250
apiece or $400 for both;

All on the ground in Southwest Denver.

Randy KØEU 303-989-3455 Please leave VM or text
For sale--
KX3, well used portable HF radio, with internal tuner, battery
charger/clock, rechargeable batteries, USB cable, aux cable,
microphone, portable KX3 book, CW paddles, BNC terminal, and extra
large heat sink, $1,500;

Kenwood TM-231A 2m mobile radio, with manual, $40;

Icom IC-756 HF/6m base station radio, $500;

Tripp Lite power supply, 7 amp, $10;

RTL-SDRU3, with antennas kit, $50;

Icom handheld UHF radio, $100;

Yaesu 857D HF/VHF/UHF mobile radio, with ATAS-II antenna, $1,000;

Flex 6500, about 1 year of use since purchased, unused since 2016,

Located in Castle Rock.  Pick up or delivery for a mileage charge.
Pictures here:

Curtis KC5CW
For sale--
TS2000, includes RT Systems cable for CAT/computer control, basic
hand mic, and manual, no original box, am the second owner, radio
made in February 2010 so it has the GOOD filters, good cosmetic
condition with some scuffs on the bottom of the case on the bezel and
a very subtle small mark on the display plastic to the right of the
VFO knob, all bands work 160 m to 70 cm, have gotten great audio
reports using a Heil Pro Set Elite with HC6 element (not included in
sale), can provide pictures via email if desired and/or possibly demo
on the air, located in Arvada, can meet in the Denver Metro area if
desired, asking $825;

Randy K5RHD 720-295-9094
For sale--
Hy-Gain CD-45-II Rotator, includes controller and manual, $150;

Bones of 2-element 5-band (10, 12, 15, 17, 20m) Cubex MK II series,
have boom, spider, mast coupler, single feed point transformer and
most of the fiberglass spreader arms (I believe one must be
replaced), a good starting point for ham wanting to build their own
or could be reconstructed with parts from Cubex, make offer;

Everything is located in Colorado Springs.

Dave WØDS 719-338-5912 (OK to leave VM or text)
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